Belvedere Restaurant awarded with Michelin Plaque 2017

On 4 December 2017 in Warsaw hosted the Michelin Plaque award ceremony of Michelin Guide 2017 Main Cities of Europe, where the Belvedere Restaurant was presented with the Guide’s copy. What are the Michelin Guide Plaques and what is their purpose?

Michelin created its first guide to Europe over 100 years ago. Since then, being featured in the Guide has been one of the most desired privileges in the gastronomic world with Michelin recommendation being a recognized mark of the highest quality of services and cuisine.

In order to become a Michelin-starred restaurant, the facility must meet unusually high standards of the Guide’s reviewers. Naturally the Michelin star restaurants must not rest on their laurels. Each star is periodically reviewed and there are restaurants that one year are granted the stars only to lose them the very next one.

Belvedere Restaurant awarded with Michelin Plaque 2017

The Belvedere Restaurant earned the Michelin Guide recommendation more than a decade ago. Since then, thanks to the work of its entire team, it has succeeded in maintaining the Michelin Plaque status. The fact that the representative of the Belvedere brand collected the prestigious Michelin Plaque confirms the achievement of the above. Placed on display where it can be seen by restaurant guests, the Plaque’s original purpose is to show that the restaurant enjoys good reputation in Poland and beyond.

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Restauracja Belvedere

Restauracja Belvedere to jeden z najpiękniejszych i najciekawszych punktów na kulinarnej mapie Polski. Restauracja mieści się w wyjątkowym budynku Nowej Oranżerii w Łazienkach Królewskich. To budynek o ponad 150-letniej historii. Jak za dawnych czasów wypełniają go okazałe tropikalne rośliny.


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