Easter brunch in the very heart of the Royal Łazienki Park

Easter brunch in the very heart of the Royal Łazienki Park

Easter brunch in the very heart of the Royal Łazienki Park

At the Belvedere Restaurant, Easter is a time of pleasant carelessness, spent within your family. A special time, indeed. Embrace these magical moments in the very heart of the Royal Łazienki Park and let it be a balm to your soul forevermore.

Szef Kuchni Sebastian Olma specjalnie dla Państwa przygotował brunchową ofertę składające się z tradycyjnych polskich potraw.

Our Chef de Cuisine, Sebastian Olma, has prepared a special brunch offer for you, including all the traditional dishes from our domestic cuisine which you certainly know and take delight in.

On the 1st and 2nd of April, our tables shall fill themselves with the dashing rays of spring, beautifully decorated. Somewhere deep in the background, soft notes of live music shall resound. And our colourful buffets, with all the flavours of your childhood, will take you on a magical journey to the Easter Happiness.

Do celebrate this wonderful time with us and book your table today! Booking by phone +48 606 102 002 or by e-mail rezerwacja@belvedere.com.pl!

Easter Menu 2018

Available on 1 and 2 April from 12:00 pm until 4:00 pm

Slow Food Corner by a Belvedere cook:

Smoked fish
Smoked vendace and rainbow trout from the Jeziorak Lake in the town of Skitławki
Smoked catfish from a Kashubian home smokehouse in Swarzewo
Roasted salmon in butter dough with sesame
Butter sauce with chervil
Cooked young vegetables
Roast meets and old Polish cold cuts
Pork loin stuffed with dried plums
Pickled blade steak stuffed with apricots
Pork neck in wild marjoram flakes
Bacon pickled in oak barrel
Podlasie kumpiak
Roe deer pâté with rosemary – orange conserve
Lisiecka sausage
Smoked ham
Pickled cucumbers, home-made pickles, Tartar sauce, beetroot and young horseradish salad, mayonnaise with green pepper
Roasted duck in marjoram flakes with cranberry sauce
Roasted potatoes with herbs and young garlic
Caramelised apples with honey
Veal roast stuffed with boletus mushrooms
Spaetzli in butter sauce with chervil
String beans with shallots and breadcrumbs
Polish cheeses:
Hard cheese Bursztyn
Ripening goat cheese
Smoked ewe’s milk cheese
Home-made cottage cheese with radishes and chives
Paskha – traditional Easter cheesecake with dried fruits and nuts
Cranberries with pear, gooseberry conserves, roasted nuts, dried nuts and fruits

Cold buffet:

Eggs stuffed with smoked salmon
Eggs stuffed with crayfish salad
Eggs stuffed with boletus mushrooms and chives
Eggs stuffed with country ham and baby spinach leaves

* * *
Zander with green peas and mint cream
Beef steak tartare with home-made pickles
Guinea fowl stuffed with pistachios and lemon thyme
Roasted beetroot with goat cheese and elderberry vinaigrette
Oak leaf lettuce salad with smoked salmon trout and citruses
Home-made baked goods:
Leavened bread
Home-made rolls with smoked bacon and onion
Baguettes with dried boletus mushrooms
Honey bread
Pat butter

Hot buffet:
Easter white borscht with egg, potatoes and savoury
Roasted white sausage on cabbage with caraway
Dumplings stuffed with ham, cottage cheese and onion

Easter cake
Cheesecake with dried fruits and nuts
Carrot layer cookie with nuts and blackcurrant
Easter pastry with kaymak, chocolate and orange
Fruity opera – blackcurrant cream, white chocolate with raspberries, coconut baumkuchen
Baskets with fresh fruits


open bar:

wine white & red, sparkling wine, beer ,tea, coffe,water

Price: 215 PLN/adult
99 PLN/child up to the age of 15
Children up to the age of 4 free of charge
*The offer is available to private groups of up to 30 people.

For groups above 9 persons 10% of service charge will be added to the bill.


Phone: +48 606 102 002
E-mail: rezerwacja@belvedere.com.pl